Is Your Central Heating Working Efficiently?

If your radiators are feeling cold, then it may be time to contact us for rapid flushing.

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Why Do You Need A Rapid Flush?

Sludge can build up in your central heating system, causing inefficient heating, making your home feel cold despite turning up the thermostat. Rapid flushing removes the sludge to create a clear passage for your central heating to heat up your home.

Signs Your Home Needs A Rapid Flush:

  • Cold spots on radiators
  • Noisy radiators
  • Radiators leaking
  • Frequent boiler breakdowns
  • Boiler needs restarting
  • Discoloured liquid from radiators
  • Radiators need bleeding frequently
  • Not all of the radiators are hot
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Noticing Signs Of Sludge Build Up?

Our rapid flush can help to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

How Does A Rapid Flush Work?

We use gentle yet effective solutions to clean your central heating system. Our rapid flush service can remove even the hardest sludge or debris.

Specialist chemicals and equipment are used for our rapid flush service, ensuring that you can enjoy up to 47% improvement in your heating.

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The Benefits Of A Rapid Flush

Sludge in your central heating can increase bills, CO2 emissions and the chances of needing repairs. However, our rapid flush service prevents this by offering the following benefits:

Reduces central heating bills

Increases radiators output

Reduces breakdowns and repairs

Extends boiler life

Excellent Customer Feedback.

"We have been using DJ Moore Plumbing for our plumbing work for a few years now after they helped us out with a massive leak. We have power flushing completed by them every now and then, and they always do a great job at keeping the house tidy and flushing the system in no time."