Boiler Servicing.

The simplest way to maintain the efficiency of your boiler is through boiler servicing in Woburn Sands, which will check the components of your boiler to ensure that it is running effectively. Your boiler service will help to identify any issues with your system, allowing you to make repairs to minimise the likelihood of a breakdown. The service will be complete by professional and highly experienced engineers, ensuring that your boiler is in capable and expert hands. Our team has worked with many boiler types and models, so are able to identify issues before they become costly repairs.

As a reputable team providing gas boiler servicing in Woburn Sands, you have the peace of mind that you will only ever be recommended necessary repairs, minimising your costs and maximising your energy efficiency. There are multiple benefits to having a boiler service, including the following:

  • Minimises boiler repairs breakdowns
  • Improves boiler efficiency
  • Lowers energy bills
  • Helps businesses comply with laws
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Boiler Repair.

When the worst-case scenario happens, and you find yourself in the cold due to a breakdown, it’s time to contact the DJ Moore Plumbing team. Boiler breakdowns can often be fixed through boiler repairs in Woburn Sands, rather than a full replacement, which can help you to save money while maintaining the efficiency of your home. Our team can help you to repair all sorts of parts on your boiler, while providing you with the best and most affordable solution. If you know exactly what the problem is are no sure what has happened, our team can help you to identify the issue before it worsens.

As well as simple repairs, our team can also provide you with emergency boiler repair in Woburn Sands should you need emergency assistance. Our team can provide you with high-quality repairs quickly to ensure that your home is safe and that your system is back up and running to keep your home nice and warm. If you are experiencing an emergency with your boiler, or your heating won’t turn on, then please feel free to give our team a call.

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Boiler Installation.

Whether your boiler needs updating is or no longer working to keep your home warm, it could be time for a boiler replacement in Woburn Sands. Our boiler replacements help you to install one of the highest quality and leading boilers as well as affordable alternatives, matching your requirements and your budgets. The team are more than happy to discuss the multiple options available and which one will be best for your home and energy usage. If you are unsure which boiler to install, we highly recommend talking to our friendly and experienced team.

As professional gas boiler installers in Woburn Sands, our team are able to provide you with efficient installation for long-lasting solutions. After your installation, we highly recommend maintaining your new boiler through boiler servicing, which will help you to resolve any issues before they cause expensive problems as well as prolonging the life of your boiler. Our gas boiler replacement in Woburn Sands is perfect for domestic and commercial properties, as our team will work around your timeframes to install your new product to minimise disturbance and downtime.

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Bathroom Fitter & Installation.

If you are looking for a bathroom fitter in Woburn Sands that can provide you with both the design and installation you require, then our team are just a phone call away. With years of experience in the bathroom design, planning and installation industry, our team can provide you with assistance and expert advice when bringing your vision to life. Our team will always work with you to ensure that you can make the most out of your bathroom, allowing you to install as many products as possible. As our team are also expert plumbers, we can also provide you with reputable bathroom plumbing in Woburn Sands.

No matter the vision you have in mind, our specialist, professional bathroom designs can help you create the perfect bathroom that encapsulates your style and requirements. After the design, our team can provide you with bathroom installation in Woburn Sands, which allows you to design and install your products under one contract by professional, experienced and expert teams.

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Central Heating Services.

Keep your home running efficiently with our range of central heating services in Woburn Sands, designed to lend an honest helping hand by professionals in heating and plumbing. Our team can provide you with a host of services, including underfloor heating installations and powerflushing, helping you to maintain your central heating system while also providing services that help you to enhance living and aesthetics. Take a look at our central heating services and contact the team if you would like to book or have any questions.

Underfloor Heating Installation

Add a touch of luxury to your homes heating system through underfloor heating installation in Woburn Sands. Underfloor heating is perfect for keeping your home warm and can be installed downstairs and upstairs as well as underneath a multitude of materials. You can also choose to have the heating installed in just one room or throughout the entire house, tailoring the install to your requirements.

Radiator Replacement

Whether you are renovating your home and your radiators are in the way of your design, or you simply wish to update your current radiators with stunning modern alternatives, our team can help you with radiator replacement in Woburn Sands. From one or two small radiators to a full home replacement, our team can complete small and large replacements to cater to you, helping you to tailor your central heating around your needs.


If you have noticed that your central heating system is not working effectively and your radiators are not heating up efficiently, then instead of repairs, powerflushing in Woburn Sands could be your best solution. Powerflushing uses a professional piece of equipment to force out any rust, sludge, or dirt build up inside the system. Through this process, the system becomes cleared to allow the heat to travel through the radiators, maximising your energy.

Plumbing Services.

Here at DJ Moore Plumbing, we are proud to provide our clients with high-quality and reputable plumbing services in Woburn Sands that they can rely on. Our priority is ensuring that our clients are more than satisfied with their service and products, which is why our team will always go above and beyond to ensure that the services produced are second to none. We will work with you to resolve issues that are causing your system to work against you, and helping you to find solutions that provide a long-lasting result to minimise costs.

Anything from a leak to fitting a new toilet, dishwasher or washing machine, our team are here to help with your plumbing in Woburn Sands. We are more than happy to visit your home to locate the issue and provide the best possible solution that fits your budget and requirements. Our plumbing services can be utilised for new installations as big as an entire bathroom or as little as one utility product. No matter the task at hand, we are here to help with expert advice and high-quality products.

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Smart Home Installation.

Are you wasting energy that is costing your bills to rise month after month? It may be time to invest in a smart home installation in Woburn Sands. Smart devices include everything from smart thermostats to smart radiator valves, helping you to lower your energy usage and, therefore, your energy bills. Our smart home devices can be controlled from your phone, which means that you are able to turn the temperature of your home up and down through the day, no matter where you may be. This allows you to turn your heating off when you forget or turn the heating up a few degrees when you are on your way home. By being able to control your energy usage, you can ensure that energy is not being wasted throughout the day.

When installing your smart devices, the team will work with you to devise a time and date that works best for you. On this day, the team will install your chosen products and show you how to use your new device. By having a professional provide smart home set up in Woburn Sands, you can ensure that your products are working to their best ability.

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Why Choose Us?

Our team has many years of experience providing heating and plumbing services, working with other traders to ensure that no disruption is caused to your project. For example, we regularly work with loft conversions, helping to install new products and bathrooms to elevate the space of the conversion. With this experience, a host of high-quality materials and an expert team, you can trust DJ Moore Plumbing to improve and restore your heating system in no time.

Swift Turnaround

Our team works hard to provide you with a quick and efficient turnaround, ensuring that you can continue with your project in due course.

Qualified Team

To ensure that you are provided with safe services that offer reliable results, our team are highly qualified, trained and accredited.

Trustworthy Services

Making sure that you can place your trust in our team, we will only ever suggest repairs and services if we feel that they are necessary.

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