Boiler Servicing.

By maintaining your boiler, you can reduce the risks of breakdown and other potentially costly issues by identifying them before they cause unexpected problems. One of the best ways to achieve this is through regular boiler servicing in Sandy, whereby your engineer will check your boiler system to ensure that there are no problems that need repairing. By identifying repairs and making amendments where need be, it ensures that your boiler runs efficiently and you can prepare for repairs to budget your solutions.

With our gas boiler servicing in Sandy, you are guaranteed the best service available, complete by professional, experienced and accredited engineers. If there are any faults that are found, the team will only ever advise you to have necessary repairs, helping you to minimise your costs and maximise the efficiency of your boiler. Whether you are having issues with your boiler or you would like to take care of your heating system, please feel free to give our team a call on 01234 984 076.

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Boiler Repair.

When you’re boiler starts acting up, and your home feels cold, no matter how high you set the thermostat, it could be time to contact our team for boiler repair in Sandy. Whether you know exactly what is causing the problem or would like help identifying the issue, our team are just a phone call away to lend a helping hand. We can find and fix any problem you are having with your boiler, ensuring that the repairs made are the most cost-effective to help minimise outgoings. After finding issues, our team will discuss with you the best solution, allowing you to make the most informed decision for the best results.

As well as making repairs to improve your boiler, our team can also help with emergency boiler repairs in Sandy for when the unexpected happens. If your boiler starts gurgling or breaks down, our team can help to quickly and effectively repair the system to avoid further issues or a cold home. By repairing your boiler, you can lower energy bills, minimise costs and prolong the life of your boiler.

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Boiler Installation.

In some cases, a boiler installation in Sandy is the best solution for your home, and with the selection of boilers available, it’s easier than ever to tailor your installation to your requirements, budget and energy usage. The team will discuss with you which option is the best for you, ensuring that the installation is perfect for your home. Choose from Valliant, Worcester and Ideal models, all leading manufactures of boilers in the UK. You can benefit from advanced systems that work to lower energy wastage and maximise your homes heating system with a reliable gas boiler replacement in Sandy.

It is recommended to have your boiler replaced every 15-20 years, depending on the boiler, but we would highly recommend having a boiler replacement in Sandy if your boiler continuously breaks down and causes you problems. Our gas boiler installers in Sandy can provide you with information and advice to ensure that you choose the right product and that your installation runs smoothly. As well as our boiler installations, you can also benefit from smart home devices designed to improve the heating of your home.

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Bathroom Fitter & Installation.

Are you looking to revamp your bathroom with modern features, accessories and more? With our experienced and expert bathroom fitter in Sandy, you can have the bathroom of your dreams designed and installed. When designing your bathroom, you can create new layouts to your existing structure, as our team can help with bathroom plumbing in Sandy, allowing you to move systems to cater to your style and requirements. This means that you can lower showers, move toilets and much more. Not only this, but the team can help you to incorporate a range of products into your design, whether that’s a freestanding bath or walk-in shower.

For your bathroom installation in Sandy, the team will arrange for the installation to be completed around your schedule. As our team has worked with clients engaging in multiple home renovations and builds, they are well versed in what it takes to complete the installation without disrupting the rest of your project.

Whether you have some ideas at hand or would like some advice, our team are always here to help create a beautiful and breathtaking space

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Central Heating Services.

Your central heating is often referred to as the heart of the home, keeping you nice and cosy when it’s cold outside. For this reason, we provide a range of central heating services in Sandy to keep the heating of your home in excellent condition. Take a look below at some of the services that we can provide:

Underfloor Heating Installation

With our underfloor heating installation in Sandy, you can improve the heating of your home by tailoring your systems to you. From your most-used room to multiple rooms around the house, you can install underfloor heating in the locations you use most to maximise your central heating system.

Radiator Replacement

Whether your radiator placement doesn’t fit your interior design or you wish to personalise your radiators with new modern styles, our team can help with radiator replacement in Sandy. If you choose to move your radiators, then the team can cap the existing valves and install new ones for your new products.


Are there some cold spots on your radiators, or are they not heating up at all yet the pipes are warm? If so, then you may benefit from powerflushing in Sandy. This is where specialist equipment is used to force dirt, rust and sludge out of the pipes and radiators to allow your heating to travel through the system effectively.

Plumbing Services.

From blocked toilets to major leaks, our professional team can help with a range of plumbing services in Sandy. You can be rest assured that our team will arrive at your home as soon as possible to provide you with services that are second to none. First, the team will identify the issues to ensure that the solution provided is the most effective. These plumbing services can be utilised in kitchen and bathroom installations, including plumbing for dishwashers and washing machines.

Having provided plumbing in Sandy for many years, our plumbers are more than capable of helping you with your task, issue or project, ensuring that the results provided offer a long-lasting solution. Some of the plumbing services that you can contact us for include:

  • Blocked pipes
  • Installation of bathroom products
  • Radiators
  • Powerflushing
  • Water leaks
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Smart Home Installation.

One of the best ways to improve the energy of your home is to install a selection of smart home devices. You can choose from a host of products to incorporate into your home, whether that’s the popular smart thermostat or a smart radiator valve. With smart home installation in Sandy, you can install one or more products with the team, helping you to lower your carbon footprint and minimise wasted energy, therefore, reducing your energy bills.

All of your smart devices can be controlled from your phone, making it exceptionally easy for you to avoid wasted energy by turning your central heating off when you are out of the house and turning it back up just before you return home. By having more control of your heating, you can monitor your usage to make changes that can help to further lower your energy bills. If you have any questions or need help with your smart home setup in Sandy, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our professional and experienced team.

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Why Choose Us?

The DJ Moore Plumbing team have been providing clients with advice, an experienced team and a friendly helping hand for many years, ensuring that their systems are running efficiently and they are provided with the services required. We aim to keep costs to a minimum, giving you peace of mind that your bill won’t be out of your price range. The team are always more than happy to take your call to answer questions and get you booked in.

Fixed Prices

When you are provided with a quote, you can be sure that there are no hidden costs.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to complete projects and services as quickly as possible to minimise disruption or downtime.

Accredited Team

Our team are highly accredited and qualified to give you peace of mind your home is in safe hands.

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