Boiler Servicing.

The best way to ensure that your boiler is well maintained is to book annual boiler servicing in Buckingham. Through a professional service, our team are able to identify any faults with your boiler that could cause a breakdown or require urgent repairs in the future. This helps you to minimise costs by resolving issues before they worsen while also helping you to prolong the life of your boiler. Multiple components of your boiler are checked during a service, including vents, burner pressure, flue gas and much more, meaning that every aspect of your boiler is checked for potential faults.

After your gas boiler servicing in Buckingham, the team will inform you of any problems that they believe could cause an issue and how you can fix the problem or minimise the risk of breakdown. With years of experience and a high reputation for friendly customer service, our team will always be more than happy to lend you a helping hand should you require any further work on your boiler. If you have any questions, they are happy to answer these while attending your home or over the phone when booking your service.

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Boiler Repair.

If your boiler is not working as efficiently as it could, or you have noticed that your energy bills have risen despite there being no change in your energy usage, then it may be time to call our team for boiler repair in Buckingham. Through professional boiler repair completed by qualified and experienced engineers, you can minimise your costs and prevent a breakdown while also identifying issues that could be causing concern. If you are unsure what the problem may be and require professional advice, our team is always more than happy to attend your home to identify the issue and provide the best possible solution.

In the winter month’s when you rely on your boiler, a boiler breakdown could be critical. We understand that your boiler provides a warm and cosy home when it’s cold outside, which is why, when the worst-case scenario of a breakdown arises, our team will be with you as soon as possible to provide an emergency boiler repair in Buckingham. Our team will be able to quickly identify the issue causing your breakdown and fix the problem so that the heart of your home is back up and running in no time.

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Boiler Installation.

Whether your boiler is not working efficiently or you would like to upgrade your system to enjoy low energy bills, our team is more than happy to complete a boiler installation in Buckingham. Having worked with many brands and models over the years, our team can install various boiler types from combi boilers to system boilers, allowing you to tailor your installation around your home and your budget. If you are unsure which boiler would be best for your home, then our team can advise you on the best solution and book your boiler replacement in Buckingham for a time suited to you.

There are a few signs that you could benefit from a gas boiler replacement in Buckingham, such as:

  • Radiators take a long time to heat up
  • The flame has gone yellow
  • Unusual smell that could be carbon monoxide
  • Low pressure
  • Regular breakdowns
  • Gurgling noises

To book your installation or for further advice, please feel free to contact our gas boiler installers in Buckingham.

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Bathroom Fitter & Installation.

Designing your new bathroom couldn’t be easier than with our experienced and expert bathroom fitter in Buckingham. When designing your bathroom, our team will help you to unlock the full potential of your space, making sure that you can install all of your chosen products without compromising on space or style. From the tiles on the walls to the bathroom plumbing in Buckingham, we can help you to design every aspect and corner of your bathroom. As professional plumbers, our team can also help you to rearrange your plumbing system if you require a new bathroom layout, helping you to maximise your space.

After designing your bathroom with the team, we will book your bathroom installation in Buckingham to suit your schedule. Whether you are planning a loft conversion bathroom fit out or are renovating your entire home, our team will work efficiently, quickly and effectively to ensure that your new bathroom can be enjoyed without causing any disruption to the rest of your project. To book your bathroom design and installation with DJ Moore Plumbing, please feel free to give our team a call to find out more and start the process of bringing your dream bathroom to life.

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Central Heating Services.

Your central heating plays a significant role in how your home feels, making it nice and cosy during the colder months, so when it is not working efficiently, it can cause the home to feel cold and unpleasant. To help you ensure that your property is kept comfortable at all times, our team can help you with a range of central heating services in Buckingham. Our services include installations, repair and maintenance of your system, allowing you to find a solution that fits your budget and requirements.

Underfloor Heating Installation

If you are looking to add a luxury touch to your property, then we highly recommend underfloor heating installation in Buckingham. You can choose to have underfloor heating installed throughout your home or in one specific room, giving you the chance to tailor your heating around your lifestyle and the rooms you use most.

Radiator Replacement

Whether you are renovating your property and wish to add a touch of personal style, or your radiators are in the way and want to create a new layout for your interior design, our team can help with radiator replacement in Buckingham. Replacing your radiators can increase the efficiency of your home while tailoring your products to your aesthetic.


Through professional powerflushing in Buckingham, you can ensure that your central heating system is up and running with no risk of leaks, burst pipes or other costly damage. Powerflushing removes any build-up of dirt, rust or sludge to allow the water to flow freely within the pipes, preventing the risk of pressure build-up and the need for repairs.

Plumbing Services.

When in need of professional plumbing in Buckingham, we can provide you with assistance and advice to ensure that the plumbing service you receive is cost-effective and offers a long-lasting solution. Our team can help you to identify any problems with your plumbing system that could be causing issues or preventing your plumbing from working effectively. Whether you know exactly what is wrong with the system or need help to identify the issue, our team are here to help with experienced and professional hands, equipped with an abundance of knowledge and expertise to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

Our plumbing services in Buckingham range from repairs and maintenance to full installations, helping you to tailor your service to your requirements. For example, if you notice a leak caused by your plumbing, then our team can provide emergency assistance to prevent the situation from getting worse. On the other hand, if you have a project in mind that could require plumbing, including full bathroom plumbing to dishwasher and washing machine installations, then our team are just a phone call away.

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Smart Home Installation.

If you are looking for a solution to improve the energy efficiency of your home and lower your energy bills, then the best option is to have a smart home installation in Buckingham. By installing a smart home device, you can monitor how much energy you use and waste, allowing you to make changes around the home to lower costs and improve your carbon footprint. This is achieved by viewing your energy usage and controlling your thermostat from your phone, allowing you to adjust settings and temperatures from inside and outside the home.

You can choose from a wide range of smart home devices, such as the popular smart thermostat by Nest or the handy smart radiator valve from Hive. The smart radiator valve allows you to set different temperatures for each room, which means you can turn the temperature down in rooms you don’t use often and turn them up just before you intend to use them. If you are interested in our range of smart home devices, then please feel free to give us a call for your smart home setup in Buckingham.

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When working with our team to complete your project, installation or replacement, you will be provided with a host of experience, knowledge and skills to help bring your vision to life or restore your system to work efficiently. No matter the vision you have in mind or the assistance you require, our team can help you move plumbing systems and improve energy efficiency through high-quality products and exceptional service.

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Our team are highly qualified to complete heating and plumbing services, providing you with expert advice and professional services.

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