Boiler Servicing.

Maintain the heart of your home through professional boiler servicing in Bedford. By booking your annual service with the team, you can ensure that any faults with your heating systems can be diagnosed before they cause costly repairs, and in the worst-case scenario, a breakdown. During your boiler servicing, our team will complete checks of various aspects of the boiler, including ventilation and pressure checks. Through enlisting the help of our team, you can ensure that your boiler is not wasting energy, running efficiently and lasts for many years to come.

As highly experienced professionals providing heating and plumbing services, our team can also complete gas boiler servicing in Bedford. With our gas boiler servicing, you will also be provided with expert advice on the best way to maintain your boiler to minimise repairs and maximise efficiency. Regardless of the boiler that you may have, whether it is a system or combi boiler, our team can provide a thorough service of your system.

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Boiler Repair.

Is your boiler not working properly, or have you noticed a sudden drop in temperature around the house? Whether you know exactly where the issue is coming from or need help identifying the cause, our team can complete boiler repair in Bedford to get your boiler back up and running in no time. Boiler repairs can include anything from changing the pressure of your boiler to replacing components, and the team are more than happy to provide you with advice on the best solution for your boiler type.

Here at DJ Moore Plumbing, we understand that problems with your boiler can happen suddenly, and there is not always a noticeable warning that something may happen. For this reason, we also provide emergency boiler repair in Bedford for when your boiler is under the weather. While it may appear that your boiler has completely broken down and needs replacement, this is not always the case, and the team can complete emergency repairs to lower costs. If you are having problems with your boiler and urgently require assistance, please contact the team to visit your home, and we will be able to fix the issue promptly.

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Boiler Installation.

Our boiler installation in Bedford can be completed at a time and date best suited to you, ensuring that if you have a project underway, our team complete the installation quickly. When requesting a boiler replacement in Bedford, the team can discuss with you the different types of boilers that are available and which one will be best for your home and energy usage. Our team has worked with multiple boiler types, so we can install a range of boiler makes and models.

Included in the different types of boilers is our gas boiler replacement in Bedford, making it easy for you to find a solution that works best for your home. Our highly accredited and experienced gas boiler installers in Bedford can also complete repairs and servicing on your boiler after the installation, helping you to maintain the efficiency of your system, prolong its life, minimise expenses and maintain a warm and cosy home.

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Bathroom Fitter & Installation.

As a leading bathroom fitter in Bedford, our team has developed lasting relationships with clients and tradespeople alike, maintaining a high-quality service no matter the project at hand. When working with our team, you will be guaranteed no hidden costs, friendly customer service and exceptional designs. From start to finish, the DJ Moore Plumbing team can help you with your bathroom installation in Bedford, ensuring that every aspect of the bathroom design is exactly how you envisioned.

The team will start by helping you to design a bathroom based on your requirements and style, providing you with a free quote to help you budget your installation. Included in our bathroom fitting and design is our reputable bathroom plumbing in Bedford, allowing you to change the layout of your bathroom should you wish to move the sink, bath, shower or toilet to create a more tailored layout. If you have an idea of the type of design you wish to create, then please feel free to contact our team. You can also find some design ideas and inspiration over on our case studies page.

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Central Heating Services.

Heating your home has just been made easy with our selection of central heating services in Bedford. The DJ Moore Plumbing team can help with a range of central heating issues, whether you wish to replace part of your systems, such as the radiators, or you require assistance repairing your central heating. Through our range of services, you can maintain a warm home and minimise damage to your system through debris and sludge build-up. Find out more about our central heating services and how the team can help below:

Underfloor Heating Installation

Whether it is in the kitchen, living, bathroom or bedroom, the DJ Moore Plumbing team can help with underfloor heating installation in Bedford to enhance your heating and elevate your space. Underfloor heating can be installed both downstairs and upstairs, heating the home from the ground up and keeping those toes warm.

Radiator Replacement

Whether your radiators are in the wrong place, or you wish to replace your existing radiators with a new style, the team can help with radiator replacement in Bedford. The team can move your radiators to another location, replacing your central heating system and safely capping the valves, providing you with a certificate of works completed.


If you notice that there is a cold spot on your radiator or your home is not heating up despite the high temperature set on the thermostat, then you could benefit from powerflushing. Our powerflushing in Bedford pushes out any debris, sludge or rust build-up to provide a clear passageway for your heating to travel through the radiators.

Plumbing Services.

Here at DJ Moore Plumbing, we specialise in providing plumbing services in Bedford to our clients, ensuring that their system is working efficiently and around their requirements. For this reason, we will always maintain an honest approach to your plumbing in Bedford, offering you the necessary advice to maintain your plumbing while keeping costs low. If you would like our team to check your plumbing system, we can arrange for a qualified and accredited plumber to visit your property to resolve any issues you may have.

From blocked toilets to leaking pipes, our team can help with all manner of plumbing related issues, fixing the problem with high-quality repairs. Not only can the team provide you with quality repairs, but with many years of experience, they can also provide plumbing installations. This includes anything from dishwashers and washing machines to an entire bathroom. No matter the project that you have in mind, or plumbing service that you require, our team are always just a phone call away to lend a helping hand.

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Smart Home Installation.

Is your home wasting energy and costing you a fortune every month? If so, then you could benefit from a smart home installation in Bedford. Smart home devices are the perfect addition to any home, providing you with a helpful tool that allows you to manage and watch your energy usage. Not only can you lower bills by making changes around the house in accordance with your thermostat statistics, but you can also completely control your smart home devices from your phone. All you will need to do is download the app for your smart device, and control your heating from your phone, even when you’re miles away. This feature allows you to change when your thermostat turns on as well as the temperature, giving you the chance to turn the heating up when you’re leaving work, or turning it off just before your flight if you forget.

If you would like to enquire about our smart home setup in Bedford, then please feel free to give our team a call. We can install your device for you and then show you how to effectively use your device and manage your energy.

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Why Choose Us?

Having provided plumbing and heating services to our clients for many years, our team prides itself on offering a reputable service that is highly regarded by both our clients and tradespeople alike. Here at DJ Moore Plumbing, we offer a service that is second to none, allowing you to tailor your systems and services to your requirements. Whether you are having a small plumbing issue repaired or an entirely new bathroom installed, our team will always provide you with a friendly, professional and high-quality service.

No Hidden Costs

When inquiring about our services, the team will always provide you with a fixed quote, meaning no nasty surprises along the way.

Quick Turnaround

Making sure that you can continue with your project and enjoy your new systems, we aim to provide a quick yet high-quality turnaround.

Qualified Team

Those working on your project are extremely experienced, accredited and qualified, so your home will always be in safe hands.

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Excellent Customer Feedback.

"I had DJ Moore Plumbing help me fit my new boiler, and they were such a lovely bunch and very professional that I have now booked them in for my yearly service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my repairs and servicing now! I recommend this company if you’re looking for someone that will give you an honest opinion about your central heating."